Verify your Adsense Pin in 5 Minutes

During the lockdown, Post Covid-19 pandemic. There are delays with Google sending AdSense pin to your location to enable you verify your Adsense Address. This is because many courier and delivery companies were affected due to interstate and country movement restrictions.

For a country like Nigeria with poor postal service, it might take up to 3 – 4 months to receive Adsense Pin from NIPOST or worst, you might not receive it at all.

There are a lot Nigerians who have even exceeded the Adsense withdrawal threshold, but can’t withdraw due to delay with Google Adsense pin.

Are you having Issues verifying your Adsense pin / Address?

We can help you verify your Nigeria Adsense pin in 5 minutes. This is not ID verification. This is Adsense Pin Verification.

Any doubt? Am sure you have some doubt about the verification service we’re offering.

But here are some popular bloggers like Olu Clicks, Stanloaded and Bayo whose Adsense pin has been verified by me recently

What are you waiting for? This is your opportunity to verify your Adsense pin before the window closes. And also be able to withdraw on 21st if you have already exceeded the withdrawal threshold.

Pin verification costs 10,000 Naira only. Payment after service is rendered.

Click this link to contact me on WhatsApp https://bit.ly/VerifyAdsense