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SIMPLE WEBSITE BUILDING GUIDE :How to Make a Wix Website in 2020 (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Wix is one of the most common free site builders available now. Making a site using Wix is a speedy process which nearly everyone can do.

This stage powers up hundreds of millions of websites created by people worldwide. Whether you’ve found Wix by seeing among its entertaining commercials featuring television stars or only by Googling to your best website builder, this platform will supply you with everything required to create your first site.

Create a website

How to Build a Website with Wix in 8 Easy Steps
Measure #1: Sign up and create a free account
Step #2: Get a website made for you or Choose a template
Measure #3: Create changes with website editor
Measure #4: Insert additional functionality with programs
Step #5: Design a professional logo for Your Site
Step #6: Choose and join a domain
Measure #7: Optimize and then personalize your website
Step #8: Publish Your Site to make it live
If this is your first site, this guide can allow you to find comfortable and make those first baby steps. After moving through the eight stages of the guide, your site will be prepared for the public, and you’ll be able to showcase your fancy new site.


Step #1: Sign up and create a free account
Even when you’re still not certain if Wix is the correct platform for you, making an account is entirely free, which means it is possible to start with only checking it all out. After registering, you will find an opportunity to test their complete platform. You won’t be time-limited, which means that in case you wind up liking what Wix supplies, you may go on using it free of charge indefinitely.

Open site .
Click the”Sign Up” button.
Fill in your details (email and your password).
Don’t worry! There’s nothing private about the queries. You just have to tell them what kind of site you want to create and your degree of expertise. It is ok to say that you have never made a site.

Step #2: Get a site designed for you or Select a template

Pick the website template
Wix offers two distinct solutions when it comes to generating new websites. There’s the popular editor that lets you choose elements and drag & drop them around the layout. Another one is Wix ADI, an artificial intelligence solution that will create the whole site for you based on just a few choices that you enter.

Hover over a template and choose the”Edit button”.
Wix ADI — let artificial intelligence create a website for you.
Comparable to quizzes on social networking, the system will attempt to connect the dots and present you with a website that matches your requirements. In case the result isn’t perfect, you can make some modifications and enhance it. Or just start over and try supplying slightly different answers.

Answer the questions:

What kind of website would you like to create?
What do you really need on your new site?
What is the name of your blog?
Do you want to import your text and images? If you already have an online presence, you will be able to upload pictures and jump-start your website
After reviewing the information you have provided, Wix ADI will allow you to choose a theme. But don’t mistake this for a template. Even though it might appear similar, themes only arrive with predefined colours and font types and can’t be customized in detail such as templates.

Measure #3: Create changes with site editor

Based on the decision you made in the prior step (choosing templates or Wix ADI), you’ll have a different website editor laid facing you. Yes, the two are still Wix, but the editors are completely different. While the first editor available with a template will let you be creative and design a website by shifting the elements around, the Wix ADI editor is only going to allow you to handle the fundamentals.

Making changes together with the Drag and Drop Editor

Now you have a preview of your site, but it is still just a template filled with the demo content. This is fantastic as you get to see exactly what your site can look like. Even if you decide not to change a thing about the elements, you will still wish to alter the material by adding your images, videos, and composing your own copy.

The Wix editor is very user-friendly and allows you to move everything around. Do not be afraid to research and click on the components that you want to modify. Then you will be able to alter it to some new photo, crop, add filters, fashions, etc. A similar process repeats with all the other elements.

Insert a new component
The template you have chosen probably looks ideal. However, as soon as you’ve spent more time modifying it, you might realize that it might be better for you to bring a new component. Wix Permits You to add new components readily:

Add a new element

Click the large plus sign from the left-hand side menu.
Pick an element you want to add like picture, gallery, button, and so on.
Choose a variant of this element.
Click on it.
Instantly, the element you’ve chosen will appear on your website. It will not seem that good at first, but that’s only because Wix lets you move any piece freely round the website. So, now all you’ve got to do is click on the element, hold down your mouse and move it about.

While the component is chosen, the menu on the right-hand side of the screen will become active, letting you deal with the specifics. That means you could quickly copy or delete the chosen component, rotate it, change the size, etc.

It is possible to repeat the procedure with as many components you want until you create the perfect site that you had in mind.

Change the background
Although a backdrop may come preset using a template you chose, it can be readily shifted to almost whatever you want.

In the left-hand menu, select the second background choice.
Select a colour, image, or even a video.
Click it to make it active.
If you choose to spend additional time around the background, you can go in to details and edit photos straight from Wix, change filters, transparency options, and much more. Be creative!


Add pages
Depending on the template, your website will have just a few selected pages aside from the homepage. When you decide to add a new one, you can quickly do it via the editor:

Click on the first option from the left handed menu.
Click the”+ Add Page” button.
Give it a title and click done.
After that, you’ll have the ability to modify this new page exactly like any other page on your site.

Handle blog

Whether you wanted to begin just a blog or put in a blog to a business site you are going to produce, Wix lets you handle everything in only several clicks.

In the left-hand menu, select Blog Options.
Click on the button to create a post or handle articles.
Writing your first post is fun! When you click on the button, a post editor will open a new page. Everything is laid out, so adding a new title is simple. Developing a post is as easy as adding components into a homepage. Click the small plus sign to add text, pictures, videos, hashtags, and whatever else you want.

Following that, you can move over into the menu and go through the search engine optimization options, handle tags, groups, and also market subscriptions if you want to.

If you choose to begin your website using Wix ADI, the editor will probably be rather distinct. Instead of each of the alternatives described earlier, Wix ADI will allow you to handle just the fundamentals.

In order to edit elements, click on them to open settings on the left-hand side of the display. Here you’ll have the ability to modify the essential info, without the choice to move parts.

Measure #4: Insert Extra performance with apps
After editing your website for a couple hours, you should be somewhat knowledgeable about Wix and know what it can do to you. If you still believe that you want more elements to play , or you’re missing performance that you really need, you may love Wix programs.

Click on the 4th choice from the left-hand menu to start the Wix App Market.
Search for programs and determine what they have to give.
Click the”Add” button to add the program.
There are over 250 apps available on the App Market, and you can add anything from Instagram integration to visitor analytics to new design elements, as well as e-commerce attributes. Take your time to research each of the components, but include just what you really require.

A symbol is an integral component of every company and every site. The people at Wix understand that, so they added a free logo maker where you can design your custom logo.

After answering several questions and picking from several instances, Wix’s artificial intelligence will produce a custom logo for you. Choose the one which seems the best, and put over it to find a button to the customization.

If you’re not pleased with creating a logo like this, then Wix can always help you to hire a professional designer that will allow you to get exactly what you want. In exchange for cash, of course.

Step #6: Choose and connect a domain name
Domain names generally cost cash. But what’s great about Wix is that you get to use a free subdomain with their free program. That means that your site is going to be part of Wix’s domain, however you’ll still be able to have a custom name attached to it.

From the top-right menu, click on your image to open a menu.
Under basic info, change the Account name to anything you desire.
After you signed up, Wix produced a custom account title according to your email address. Please note that in case you’ve already published your site, changing this will also change how you access your site. Consequently, if you’ve already sent the URL to your site to your friends, ensure that you remember to talk about your new subdomain after saving modifications.

Step #7: Boost and personalize your website
Your site should already look nice and prepared for the general public. But don’t rush! You can still make it simpler and optimize it for cellular devices and search engines.

Wix is among those rare free site builders that allow direct changes to mobile sites. Not only will you preview your website on those devices, but you can also change all the elements.

To begin editing your website for mobile, click on the smartphone from the top menu. Afterward, just like when you edited your website earlier, go through the left-hand menu to change menus and pages, background, and so on.

Here you’ll have the ability to discover specific mobile programs. These allow you to rapidly add action bars, back to high buttons, welcome screens, and whatever else a perfect mobile website requirements.

Here’s another great thing about Wix — if you would like to hide a specific component from showing on mobile devices, all you need to do is click a button.

Search engine optimization
To ensure that people will discover your website on Google and other search engines, you should devote a couple more minutes editing your own pages. Adding specific page names, descriptions, and URLs can make them unique and easier to find online for particular keywords and phrases.

Click on the icon on the left-hand menu.
Pick one of the pages and click the ellipsis icon on the ideal side.
Measure #8: Publish your website to make it live
In case you’ve followed all of the steps up to now, you need to have a fully functioning website that already looks terrific. If you are satisfied with the outcome and need to showcase your website to your friends and the rest of the world, all you need to do is publish it.

To do that, move your cursor to the top-right side of the screen where you will locate the Publish button. Here, you’ll also see the speech of your site, which you can use to access it online.

As long as you do not mind showing Wix advertisements and having their subdomain since the address of your site, Wix may be free forever. Without spending a penny or perhaps entering credit card data, everyone can use Wix free of charge to make a personal or business site.

Can I make money from a Wix Site?
Yes, you can earn cash with a Wix website. 1 choice is to create an internet shop, where you can begin selling physical goods, electronic things, or services. You can also make money by revealing 3rd party ads or selling content that is hosted.

Does Wix have my domain name?
If you produce a free site with Wix, that means that you’re using a free subdomain. Since this is their domain name, that means your subdomain is Wix’s property. If you would like to make sure you’re the owner of your domain, you need to update your plan to one which will enable you to connect a custom domain or purchase a brand new one.

No matter what type of website you choose to create, Wix will let you have fun with the editor before the website is about to be published. Wix comes with one of the very user-friendly editors. Take time to research each of the elements, and do not be reluctant to change a few settings to see what Wix can do for you.

But if you are not that interested in the entire design process, you can leave the decision-making process to the Wix ADI and let their artificial brains create a site for you. In that circumstance, all you need to do is change some text and graphics. Isn’t that amazing?


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