Privacy Policy

Terms of service

Adsensefix while trying to build a reputable online presense will ensure that all services are delivered and completed, in any case we are unable to complete our services. A full refund is returned to the person requesting the services.

Adsensefix will not be held responsible for any thing that happens after the sservice is delivered in good condition, so all our customers are advised to cross check the services to see if they are in good working condition on delivery.

Commenting and blog usage

While making use of our blog, Adsensefix reserves the right to delete and moderate any comment that it finds offensive, we may also block ip address of users who will involve themselves in spamming our blog and forum.

Comments are held for moderation if it contains one or more link which is typical of spams. The comments may be approved by our admin if it is worthy of being shared with community members


We make use of cookies to better understand our users and use the information to better their experiences while surfing through our site. This information is neither stored or transferred to third party.

Facebook retargeting

We use facebook pixels installed across this website to target users who have visited this site in the past on Facebook. This data neither stored nor transferred to third party.

This Privacy policy was last updated on 3rd April 2019, 12:54 AM