November 27, 2020

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Chike Ofili seems to have done a significant research in showing the fact that we are genetically related. The Yoruba, Igbo and Niger Delta people are from the same parent and evidently had settled in precisely the exact same kingdom several years ago. Quoting him” the case of Igbo -Yoruba ancient relations, that cultural heritage has failed and made unbelievable has found fresh help in science which supports the fact from five big American universities which have demonstrated blood connections between the Igbo and the Yoruba to be as high as 97% complete proof” Even though their parents might have been either Igbo, Yoruba or Niger Delta but the fact is there’s a strong proof of the Identical blood flowing through the veins of the people of t…
: My humble opinion is a long read endure with me

Am not a politician nor a political scientist,’m a very simple theologian who have been in church leadership for more than two decades, this really is my own opinion I also stand to be adjusted.

A culture is equally as great as the quality of leaders they create. That is the reason why the Greek city-states from the ancient world give much superior to the schooling of their young.

When the young aren’t trained to differentiate between right and wrong, to imbibe good ethos, to become model citizens, to contribute to the progress of humanity, we’ll have a society where anarchy is the order of the afternoon.

Nigeria is a failed state because we never trained our youth to be citizens. Instead, we coached them to become idiots(excuse my use of phrases )and tribesmen. We trained them to not distinguish their right from their left, to wear tribalism, nepotism and mediocrity like a badge of honour. We educated them that cash is more important than the process of earning that money. That’s why they have a mercantile attitude to what everything and throw honor to the dogs.

The thing called Nigeria came into being as a result of the greed and avariciousness of the British. The same as in every other place where they’ve colonized native men and women, they had never actually planned for all those societies to be developed.

They constantly set those up countries to fail to give the impression that the folks they left behind to govern those countries were grossly incompetent. It is quite unfortunate that unlike other British colonies that realized the deceit of this white man, the pre-independence leaders of Nigeria, did not have the intellectual capacity to read between the lines of The script written for them from the colonial masters. Of all of the pre-independence leaders, Zik what is the sole properly educated person among the lot.

When they realized that it was inevitable for Nigeria to become independent, and knowing that Zik was eminently qualified to direct a different Nigeria, the British sold the idea of this Igbos dominating an independent Nigerian culture to the other tribes.

Nigeria became split along tribal lines. Rather than them making us to view ourselves as Nigerians, helping us develop our national identity, they made us view ourselves as affiliated to our various tribes.

After colonizing Singaporethey played the same gimmick. Race riots escalated into separate Singapore, but their chief Lee Kuan Yew climbed up to the event and suppressed primordial tribal sentiments among those people.

Due to the quest for political power, and suspicion among the cultural groups, the development of a powerful political figure that could unite the country became a mission impossible. Nnamdi Azikiwe couldn’t do that since he didn’t control the admiration of the other tribes.

For us to understand the problem with Nigeria, we need to check in other British colonies that triumphed for example Singapore and the Republic of Bahamas.

The first head of all these countries were Cambridge trained lawyers that knew the hypocrisy of the white man. They knew the solution to making a civilized Society was to lift the majority of the members of the society out of illiteracy. They apportioned a disproportionate number of their gross domestic product to education.

They knew that for their own society to become sophisticated, they needed to create a brand, they needed to have a exceptional selling factor. For Bahamas, they decided to be the tourist destination of the planet, for by Singapore, the picked to be the business hub of the Far East. That was why Singapore was the very first stock exchange in the entire Asia. (I will recommend Lee Kwan yeu’s book from 1st world to 3rd world)

Nigeria is the most populous black nation on Earth.

Nigeria has a wealth of both human and material resources. In sports, we’ve achieved much when we withdrew cultural considerations. When a Nigerian team is playing football, that staff becomes truly Nigerian even though all the players in that group are from 1 tribe. We don’t bother about the ethnicity of a player so long as he is capable of enjoying the beautiful game. Why then do we have many countries within Nigeria? And they will feel that we’re able to succeed? It’s very impossible.

We cannot state that constitution is the issue of Nigeria. We copied the constitution from other places and those places have succeeded with the exact same constitution. The most important problem with Nigeria is that we try to exploit the loopholes in any document negatively for our own selfish motives. All of the tribes of Nigeria are in a constant quest to control the other tribes. As long as we still have that mindset of clinging to tribal cleavages, we can not triumph.

It’s so bad that even among members of the same tribe, clannishness becomes the order of the day. An Anambra man would love to dominate each other Igbo individual.

Can it be as it might it expident for all of the parties to contact the drawing table, and discover a common reasons to deduce what is going to work for us a Country. Call it restructuring or anything it is obvious what we’ve got at hand isn’t working.


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