February 24, 2021

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life offers us different persons and things as we grow

and live toward the pursuit of our goals.

vivian Osuji is one of those persons who were a great friend and a shoulder to rest on

Vivian can smile for Africa

vivian is beauty in its complete manifold

no wonder she won miss lawsa.

she also doubled as Miss NFCS

when it comes to Accademics ,vivian will read and intimidate you.

Her notes are very precise and usually neatly kept.

I so much crushed on vivian so much but Senior colleagues will not allow me.

she will always refer to me as joe Oronro, she so much believed that am a dreamer

even the love i confessed to her were all dreams to her.

she was very supportive during the past 6yrs of my life.

she is a sports machine

she can surprise you with road walks

she can shock you to bone marrow with acrobatic stunts and styles.

she won many awards on marathon race.

she once hold the coveted  award as the first NAU female YUMMY YUMMY AMbassador

Have i told you that vivian is a great dancer.

Above all, VIVIAN is a lover of God and a devoted Christian

Vivian lives her life to the fullest, she is full of life and will soon become a great lawyer in Nigeria

Vivian is currently at the Nigeria law school : lagos campus.

I join the good people to celebrate an amazon,  I see the future Okonji Iwala, our own kamela Harris.

Happy birthday, you are simply the best

am your crush Joe Oronro if you call me sweetheart I will sleep well.

you will go places. may God favour dear.


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