Buy/Sell Adsense safely via Escrow

Buy/Sell Adsense safely via Escrow

You may want to buy or sell Adsense account to someone you met online, but you are not sure if you can trust the person with your Adsense account or go ahead to make payment.
This is a common situation in a world where we frequently buy from people and businesses that we don’t know anything about.

Adsensefix serves as a third party whenever you want to buy/sell Adsense thereby helping you eliminate the risk that may arise from trusting a complete stranger.

Here is why you need our Adsense escrow service

  • As a buyer, you might want to inspect the Adsense before paying.
  • As a seller, you might want some assurance that you will actually get paid (or have the opportunity to move on if the deal is not happening quickly enough).

Adsensefix will hold the Adsense account and the agreed sum of money to ensure that the transaction between the buyer and seller is successful. Once we verify that Adsense is okay, we can now go ahead to transfer it to the buyer while the seller gets his money from us.

How to use Adsensefix escrow service to buy/sell Adsense

If you are interested in making a secured Adsense transaction with someone and you need our third party escrow;

Adsensefix escrow service cost 3,000 Naira to be paid by the seller. This is cheaper than getting scammed of your Adsense account.