November 30, 2020

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Enough of Igbo – Yoruba – Niger Delta rivalry and battle for supremacy:We are all brothers and sisters: 

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Research has revealing the fact that we are genetically related. The Yoruba, Igbo and Niger Delta people are from the same parent and evidently had settled in the same kingdom many years ago. Quoting him” the case of Igbo -Yoruba ancient relations, that cultural history has neglected and made unbelievable has found new help in science which supports the fact from five big American universities that have established blood relations between the Igbo and the Yoruba to be as high as 97% full proof” Although their parents may have been either Igbo, Yoruba or Niger Delta but the truth is there’s a strong evidence of the same blood flowing through the veins of the people of the South. It goes beyond the event of the birth of the colony and protectorate of Southern Nigeria in 1906. It goes beyond sharing the same geographical, political and economic space and fate in the Nigerian State. It goes beyond the cultural affinity that we tend to portray. There’s a pointer to our root, the path of destiny.

Beyond the many languages spoken, beyond the many religions practiced, beyond the many political parties and beliefs, beyond the geographical and economic expression, beyond the tribal tattoos and piercings, there lies the gateway to our truest identity and the path of destiny, the very evidence of strong blood relations, the bond of oneness, the chain of brotherhood and brotherliness. But, often times, this obvious truth of genetic connection seems to be suppressed or displaced for some selfish reasons. The truth is that we can divide ourselves into several tribal, political and religious parts and regard the other components as no longer part of us. But we can not divide the blood that flows through our veins, we can not challenge destiny that has designed blood instead of water to run through our body. And provided you share in that ancestral blood that formed the present Yoruba, Igbo and Niger Delta, we are brothers and sisters. We are one.
And if we share the same ancestral parent, you are not only Igbo or Yoruba or Niger Delta, you are all put together. You are southerners; You are my brothers and sisters.

There’s need to return to our thrilling past, to our heritage which is the part to a glorious future.
We can not desert our heritage and expect to make progress comparatively. There’s need to return to reunite with our brothers and sisters.

This is the reason for this vision.

We must not allow tribal, religious and political affiliations to continue to dictate against our collective destiny. You may be from any of the states in the present South East, South South and South West geopolitical zones of Nigeria. You should know that the regions known as Western Nigeria, Eastern Nigeria or mid western Nigeria are only political divisions for administrative ease. It was for the same administrative ease or rather to divide us and weaken the bond that binds the region and make our great endowments irrelevant that the present South East, South South and South West geopolitical zones of Nigeria were created. It became even worse when the initial Western, Eastern and Mid Western Nigeria were broken into 18 States of Abia, Imo, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Delta, Rivers, Edo, Ekiti, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Lagos, Kwara Etc. From that moment, a Yoruba man from Oyo started seeing his Ogun brother as an enemy. The Igbo man too of Enugu started seeing his Anambra brother as an enemy. This is the kind of ruin that political division has brought upon a family, a people with evident of blood ties.

To further aggravate the ruin in the region, Christianity and Islam came into play. A lot of people started seeing their brothers and sisters in other religions and political parties as enemies. This new southern Nigeria is not the same as the once peaceful and united region bequitted to us by our ancestors. The situation has so deteriorated that the Yorubas and Igbos are now always at loggerhead for irrelevant issues. But I can bet that the fight for zonal, Ethnic, religious or political supremacy has not helped us in anyway. Instead, it has turned us into slaves and strangers in a country we should be heirs. It has only succeeded in reducing the power, freedom and prosperity the people of the region are supposed to enjoy. It has only limited the height we would have attained in the country. Why would you see the success of your brother from another tribe or religion as an obstacle to your aspiration? This was not so when Ralph Moor or Walter Egerton brought the different components respectively to form this great sub country.

We have to look back to where we are coming from if we will ever make progress as a people. The South of Nigeria is too blessed to groan in poverty, unemployment and under development in the country. We should be living like the proverbial Roman Golden king for the great human and material endowments of the region. But instead we are reduced to beggers of opportunities. Our traducers are celebrating, we are lamenting.

This is the vision of our founding fathers: to unite and protect the people and interests of  Nigerians

In all of these, a lot in terms of time, energy and finances will be needed. Sponsorship and financial support will be required to bring this vision into fruition. We appeal to all stakeholders of the regions to get involved and offer us their moral and financial support when and where necessary. Support the unity of  Nigeria and make the regions great again.


Cropped shot of a group of friends holding hands

We are not advocating for unity to enable any component break away from the country. We are simply advocating for unity to enable us grow into a more prosperous political and economic entity in the Nigerian State.
The unity of the Igbos, Yoruba and Niger Delta is possible and non negotiable

Her political and economic prosperity is possible

Enough of the suspicion and mistrust amongst brothers and sisters of the same family

Enough of betrayals and sabotage of efforts to trace our antecedents of bloodline, heritage and to find the path to our collective destiny.

Enough of Hausa. Igbo – Yoruba – Niger Delta rivalry and battle for supremacy

Enough of the collaborations with our oppressors to continue to oppress, exploit and abuse and mismanage our resources.

Enough of all those discouraging and defeating opinions and actions about our unity.
Together we can achieve our dreamed height.
Together we can.


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