Fix Adsense Approval Issues

Fix Adsense Approval Issues

Have you tried to apply for Adsense and it was all rejected? Does it seems like no matter how times you try, Google will keeps on sending you the same email with different excuses why your site was not approved?

Don’t worry you are in the right place. Instead of applying and constantly getting rejected, we will help you apply for Adsense and get your site approved in less than 5 days.

Why chose our service;

You can’t purchase Adsense again!

Last October, Google implemented new policy such that before a new site can be added to an Adsense account, it must first pass through approval process.

That means, even if you go on to purchase Adsense from someone, the Adsense team will still need to review your site to see if it complies with their new policy before the Ads will start showing on your site.

The only left option is to buy Adsense together with the domain name. What if you don’t like the domain name?


No Adsense, No revenue.

Trust me. You can make tons of dollars every month from Adsense alone as the most reliable publisher program.

Adsense is the best way to make money from your site. No Adsense, No revenue!

Our service are reliable

Our services complies with Adsense policy, we will help you do the right thing for your site to get approved.

Some of the major reasons why your site was not approved may include insufficient content, duplicate content, poor navigation, site under construction etc. We will fix all these issues by implementing the following ;

  • Beautiful and responsive website redesign
  • Adsense approved content, 100% free of pliagarism
  • Mobile friendly pages
  • Good navigation
  • Adsense recommended pages
  • Money back guarantee

It typically takes 5 days for our team to get your site approved for Adsense. But in extreme cases it might take up to 2 weeks due to delay from Google.

Starting from #20,000 15,000. We will help you get your site fully approved for Adsense,
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