Adsense Issue : Temporary ad serving limit placed on your AdSense account

On the wake of September 19th, a lot of sites were temporarily limited from showing Google Adsense ads, nobody knows exactly why or when this restriction will be removed.

At first, the ads were not showing, not even after you create new ads units and place the code on your site. You checked the policy center on your Adsense dashboard and everything seems just fine. Not until you received a noreply email from Google, “Temporary ad serving limit placed on your AdSense account”

The email talks extensively about Google accessing the quality of your traffic, but you don’t remember clicking on your ads or having any invalid traffic.

Maybe, you have clicked your ads before or had some bad traffic. But this might not be enough reason for Google to restrict ad serving on your site.

So what do you do now?

Nothing! Apart from the regular things you have been doing. Keep on creating quality content. Maybe this is time to limit dumping your links on forums and guest postings.

Google said your site might be banned if found guilty after the review. Do you think you have a chance? What if Adsense bans your site after the review?
And nobody knows when Adsense will remove this ban. According to their website, you should be proactive.

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