Welcome to Adsensefix.com, our team consist of bloggers, programmers, content writers and web developers. We help you fix issues with your site ranging from Adsense monetization to fixing issues with your WordPress site.

Here is a breakdown of what we do;

We help you fix Adsense issues

Whether you are having issues monetizing your site, applying and getting rejected or simply disabled from using Adsense, we have got the solution Adsensefix.com. Don’t hesitate to send us a message on Whatsapp

We help you fix WordPress issues

Ever woke up one morning to see your site isn’t working, just showing white screen?. These are some of the issues you might be facing while using WordPress and sometimes it might be difficult to fix.

So, we fix WordPress issues to make sure your site is up and running.

We design professional websites

Yes, We design professional website for business and individuals. Our designs are responsive and also mobile and desktop friendly.

Do you need a beautiful responsive website for your business? Kindly chat us up on Whatsapp

Our Team members

Chi Ofoegbu

Chi Ofoegbu is a content writer, web designer and blogger. He has been using Google Adsense to monetize website for more than half a decade now. Within this period of blogging, he acquired a lot of skills and better understanding of Google policies. Most of these knowledge came through repeated mistakes and he is out to help young bloggers achieve success in blogging without having to pass through these avoidable mistakes.

You can contact him on Facebook and on Twitter

Obi Joseph

Obi Joseph is a blogger and Social media influencer, having managed serveral monetized blogs, he understands Adsense policy better most regular bloggers. He is also experienced with WordPress design and can easily identify bugs and errors in a WordPress site

You can contact him on Facebook

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