November 26, 2020

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20 Successful Websites in Every Topic

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A misconception that eternally disturbs me is the believe that blogging does not work unless it is meta. People do not think blogs could be successful unless they’re about blogging, advertising, or societal websites/media.

What they do not know is that there are advertising blogs that print things such as”income reports” and so on. Regular blogs in conventional themes do not do so, yet they’re still out there killing it.

Now I will bring you 20 successful sites, frequently constructed exclusively through publishing good content, guest blogging, that period a massive assortment of themes, to establish once and for all that blogging may be employed to construct an audience in virtually every subject possible.

Successful Websites: The Guidelines
Any site featured here may Have No of the following attributes:

Concentrate on blogging/marketing/social media
The site Can’t be tied to a different popular website
Should Have an involved community
No”mega” sites or magazines
I have included data on the approximate (~) contributor count (when available) and what the significant revenue source appears to be (when applicable).

For websites which have zero subscriber count accessible, I used the Google Reader browse feature, which reveals the amount of Google readers only, so remember that those RSS counts are probably much greater.


Notice: WP Engine, a useful tool that I use to self-host my WordPress sites, is observing 50,000 clients for the remainder of the month. There has never been a better time to begin a site having the most dependable WordPress server around. I am using my referral link because I am a happy client. In case you have any questions regarding hosting your own site, send them my way!

Assist Scout site [Client Support]

Main revenue source: Computer Software

The site I am responsible for! Assist Scout is service applications that’s trusted by thousands of small companies. We run the gamut over on the Assist Scout site, but our bread-and-butter will always be client service, and helping businesses understand the value of supplying a world-class client experience.

In addition, we use a massive choice of tools to cultivate our visitors and subscriber base.

1. Help Scout blog [Customer Support]


Approx. Subscribers: 65,000+

Main income source: Software

The blog I’m responsible for! Help Scout is support software that is trusted by thousands of small businesses. We run the gamut over on the Help Scout blog, but our bread-and-butter will always be customer support, and helping companies understand the importance of providing a world-class customer experience.

We also use a large selection of resources to grow our traffic and subscriber base.


2. Digital Photography School [Digital Photography]


Approx. Subscribers: 846,000+

Main income source: Advertisements, affiliate links, e-Book sales

Run by ‘the Problogger’ himself, Darren Rowse, this blog is actually his real money maker, not

This thing is an absolute monster, a huge blog in a very profitable niche. Lots of people buy cameras, and they’re expensive.

All of the tips that Darren writes about on Problogger are put into action here, so if you want to watch the Problogger at work, follow the strategies that this blog utilizes, rather than reading the next Problogger post.

3. Freshome [Inside Design/Architecture]


Approx. Subscribers: 64,000+

Main income source: Advertisements, affiliate links?

Allow me to first say I really like the design of the site, and it is a fantastic thing to, as it concentrates on layout, but not the kind you see on the internet.

No, Freshome is a totally astonishing design and interior design website.

Among those authors, Ronique Gibson, shown on Problogger she has posted over 773 articles (which has been in 2011!) , revealing the way the”curation” fashion blog, coupled with lengthier articles, can produce a true winner if it is on a focused subject (along with the articles is top notch).

4. PsyBlog [Social Behavior ]


Approx. Subscribers: 53,000+

Main income source: e-Book sales, advertisements

Main revenue source: e-Book earnings, advertising

You can probably guess this is among my personal favorites, but it’s easy to see why any reader could appreciate this site.

The writer takes psychology research they encounter (they happen to be a mental researcher), and relates them to real world problems and in laymen’s terms, so that anybody can achieve the information they must give.

That is the large emphasis I’d love to create on this site: you should remain mindful of novices, it is not that you need to appeal just to novices, but taking more intricate advice and down it into something intriguing that anybody can read is a formulation to get a winner, provided that the audience is not there.


5. NerdFitness [Exercise/Physical Fitness]


Approx. Subscribers: 50,000+

Main income source: Product sales

Main revenue source: Merchandise sales

Steve Kamb is a man well known at the advertising market, but he does not write about advertising.

That is because his website has functioned as a fantastic illustration of how to construct a successful website filled with an amazing personality, beyond this blogging/marketing market naturally.

This is only one of the wonderful benefits of becoming someone educated in content promotion: it is possible to provide up your success story to all sorts of advertising sites should you produce a favorite site in a matter that is overriding.

Marketing sites certainly adore case research of the sort, and you are going to receive links and attention by simply telling your own story. It is a way Steve has used multiple times to look on websites like Lifehacker and ThinkTraffic.

6. 1stWebDesigner [Web Design]


Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 49,594)

Main income source: Affiliate links, advertisements

You will find a huge quantity of internet design sites out there, and some still find ways to succeed…

Someone should ask Dainis the way he did it, since 1stWebDesigner manages to remain a high web design site and seems to be growing yet.

I can inform you 1stWebDesigner at least does what in it is business the ideal way, while placing a few inventions (industry illustrations being things like complimentary PSD files and so on ).

That is the major takeaway for this website: find out exactly what works for the large players in your specialty, pull some thoughts which you enjoy, and innovate the remainder.

7. TinyCartridge [Portable + Retro Gaming]


Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 2,303)

Main income source: Affiliate links, advertisements

erely a ideal illustration of how to begin a site at a incredibly overcrowded gaming market.

Did the creator choose to doom their website to an early departure by simply focusing on”gambling”?

Heck no!

TinyCartridge has come to be the place to find out about mobile gaming information and upgrades, it”niched down” to a way less aggressive marketplace, and took it on.

That is a HUGE takeaway in this post, among the most significant: dominant a little market, and continue onto wider things in the future.


. What I Wore [Personal Style]


Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 10,849)

Main income source: Advertisements, affiliate links?

Since I am not into fashion sites all that far, what I will tell you about this website is the writer’s character takes the spotlight.

It is a private fashion site, so that makes sense, but the general rule is that her character is inserted without quitting.

Every post is bombarded with the writer, and it makes the situation that a solid character (and flavor ) can result in a wonderful unique selling proposition, even in a crowded market such as this.


Nature Mom’s Blog [Natural Living + Family Life]


Approx. Subscribers: 5,000+

Main income source: Advertisements

“Mommy bloggers” is a phrase I despise, but if you are taking your articles and your website badly, I will definitely love the job you are doing.

That is true with this particular blog, from layout to articles, Tiffany is providing the merchandise.

I enjoy the”two-niche combo” going on here, something to learn from most certainly.

Rather than going the”wellness” or”mommy blogger” course, the writer did equally , carrying two typical components and creating a very distinctive recipe.


AutoBlog [Automobiles]


Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 1,766) [Likely much higher]

Main income source: Advertisement

oes not enjoy a sweet looking ride?

Autoblog fills a major need to get a major audience of auto fanatics.

I visit so many bloggers that are against”information” websites, and while I am also in favor of producing’evergreen’ content, even once you’re dominating a particular niche nicely, your site is surely effective at breaking news, even when these articles won’t generate traffic.


 Art Of Manliness [Men’s Lifestyle]


Approx. Subscribers: 150,000+

Main income source: Affiliate links, advertisements, product sales

Main revenue source: promotional links, advertising, product sales

A men’s lifestyle site that as completely pinpointed the notion of a robust and memorable unique selling proposal.

Additionally, this site is the contrary of this autoblog over it (maybe not in viewers, those are alike!) .

What I mean is, Brett targets nearly entirely evergreen articles, writing long and detailed posts that tackle issues that matter to guys, which will not be changing anytime soon.

This type of content makes sure that individuals may discover old posts and be”wowed” by the data there, and it’s a strategy that’s paid off well for Brett, as AoM is presently a whole different animal with thousands and thousands of subscribers.


StudyHacks [School & Career Success]


Approx. Subscribers: 26,000+

Main income source: Book sales

I’m actually a constant writer of Cal Newport’s website (called StudyHacks), but lately he’s moved on to”profession hacks” because he handles career and job guidance over researching in college.

1 thing that I love about Cal’s site is that is isn’t scared to speak out against the status quo, however only does this when he’s information and a solid argument to present.

He does not stir up controversy only to accomplish this, yet a lot of his articles are contentious since he cites evidence which goes against a great deal of beliefs which we frequently hold. (as an example, he does not believe in”After your fire”, that certainly drove me for a loop)


FarmVille Freak [FarmVille]


Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 770) [Facebook page sits at 425,000+]

Main income source: Product sales

This is one of these examples of getting a”hub” for something tremendously hot, in this circumstance, FarmVille. Being a supply of FarmVille news and hints worked out nicely for this website, since it has for all previously.

1 word of warning: you need to take under account how long particular topics will stay in popularity. If FarmVille is abandoned, this website will shed it’s function, not with content that is evergreen.

However, blogs which become a huge portion of a fanbase’s pleasure for popular themes can live quite a while, consider things such as Pokemon (the children game) or even Madden NFL (another movie game) that have existed for decades and show no signs of slowing down.

Notice: this website has since been removed. We’ll replace it with a new website shortly.


Cute Overload [Baby Animals & Pets]


Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 462,270)

Main income source: Advertisements

Ah, adorable animals, overlords of the world wide web. Cute Overload, among the originators of those adorable animal blogs, clearly understood that the appeal of”tumblogs” much ahead of the trend set in.

That is the point I want to create here: tumblogs (sites that concentrate on short upgrades and therefore are generally media wealthy ) could be extremely successful if they market down and control a favorite subject.

Songs blogs, photoblogs, and video sites are of this variety, because their brief updates usually arrive every day and concentrate on websites on extended articles. They are more difficult to acquire first visitors to (as guest blogging occasionally is not as powerful ), but if they remove they may get big.


Supersonic Art [Art & Art Culture]


Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 2,582)

Main income source: Product sales

Another site I randomly assess from time to time, the artwork featured here could be quite amazing (Caution: it’s occasionally Not Safe For Work). As an art website, this website originally made it’s title together with high quality choices and acted as a fantastic marketing way of new artists.

Afterwards, with a proven title, individuals today submit their artwork in hopes of being showcased.

I discovered this to be the specific case with my digital music site, as once I climbed in fame, people messaged ME about becoming featured, in contrast to the other way round.


 Stereogum [Indie & Alternative Music]


Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 57,076)

Main income source: Paid promotion, affiliate links, advertisements

This is a biggie!

The significant breakthrough for this website has been early in the spectacle, and breaking a great deal of big artists (Arcade Fire and so on ).

This website also understands their viewers really nicely, and manages to always please regardless of the challenging job of choosing music that their viewers will like.

17. WPBeginner [WordPress Programs ]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 210) [Concentrate on Social Networking pages, which can be quite popular]

Main revenue source: promotional links, advertising, WP services

A fairly popular website for WordPress beginners.

The large point to be made here is that making a website for novices is almost always a fantastic idea if it is done well, since there’ll always be brand new novices, so that your audience can simply grow (so long as your subject remains popular, which WordPress has).

18. Skepchick [Atheism + Secularism]

Approx. Subscribers: 11,000+

Main revenue source: Ads

1 trend I found from the WordPress community is that Christianity appears to be a favorite subject, and lots of pastors appear to become involved with blogging and internet development.

I do not actually have a comment, just something that I noticed.

This site takes the reverse approach and is about atheism, and generates informative article on atheist information and topics.

19. DeSmogBlog [Environment & Pollution]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 407) [Focus is about the newsletter]

Main revenue source: Novel sales

Featured on Time’s Best Websites of 2011, it got a great deal of media for stirring up a very heated matter.

Fantastic way to acquire notoriety for a website: select a hot subject and stir up a debate, while maintaining integrity by not being too competitive or indigent.

20. Listverse [Random Top 10 Lists]

Approx. Subscribers: (Google Reader count: 7,654) [Concentrate on social websites ]

Main revenue source: Ads

If there was a website that showcases the ability of List Articles, here it is!

1 thing I do not get is this website get’s writers to guest article, but does not give them a connection…

Apparently obtaining your view in the front of a large audience is the only reward, something to consider when crowdsourcing to your sit

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